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Quite possibly the best sourdough I’ve ever had. Perfectly hydrated on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Adriana Castellanos,
Entertainment Business Manager

Three days later...with some butter and avocado , this BREAD is to Die for!

Juliette Marquis,
Documentary Filmmaker

The bread was delicious. Pure heaven. I can become addicted.  Today more EEVO and salt. Love it! I’ll put more orders in!

Ana Passaseo,
Sr Vice President Finance & Administration, Universal Music Latin Entertainment

Plowing our way through our two loaves!! So moist (!), perfect Pringle’s, and great crust that isn’t too thick or “crusty”. Can’t decide which loaf I like better.

Jessica Moseley,
Physician: Radiologist and Jeremiah Klashorst Institutional Review Analyst 

We have enjoyed three breads from Black Forest. Sour Dough. Whole Wheat. Sesame. All three share a few essential qualities. 1. The crust is nice and crispy. The crust is a light golden color which makes it a gorgeous centerpiece on our table. 2. The air pockets have a variety of bubble sizes demonstrating that these gals know exactly how to work their dough. 3. There's a slight gloss finish on the inside. 4. You can smell the bread before you even bite into it. Unlike so many breads , it's not sweet, it's flavorful. I was not expecting to like the whole wheat, but it's my favorite. But, my husband prefers the sourdough. So, why choose? We get both!

Francesca Cohn,
BLT Recruiting Founder